Indian Footwear Components Manufacturer's Association

The Awards

IFCOMA Excellence Awards - 2007

Shri B. D. Bhaiya, President, IFCOMA, presented the “IFCOMA Lifetime Achievement Award” to Shri B. K. Agarwal, Chairman of M/s Tirubala Group of companies, as recognition for this contribution to the industry.

Shri B. D. Bhaiya, President, IFCOMA, presenting the “IFCOMA Excellence Award” to Shri Atul Sanghani of M/S Chandan Exports Corporation, for his fruitful contribution to the industry.

IFCOMA Excellence Awards - 2006

Shri Om Prakash Mahajan, a veteran exporter from Agra was felicitated with “IFCOMA Excellence Award” for his 30 years contribution to the Shoe Industry. While Shri Rajeev Lakhara (IRS), Managing Director, FDDI presented him the Award, Shri Raj Babbar honoured him with a Shawl.

IFCOMA Excellence Awards - 2005

Shri Irshad Mirza presenting ‘IFCOMA excellence award’ to Shri Prem Arora, Chairman M/s Skolast India Pvt Ltd., for his extra-ordinary contribution to the Footwear industry.

IFCOMA Excellence Awards - 2004

Shri Audisessiah, Executive Director, Council for Leather Exports presenting the “IFCOMA Excellence Award” to Mr L. N. Kapoor, M/s Kapsons International, Agra for his great contribution towards the growth of footwear Industry.

Mr. Irshad Mirza, Chairman, M/s Mirza Tanners Ltd. received “IFCOMA Excellence Award” by Shri Chanchal Tewary, Commissioner & Director of Industries (UP).

IFCOMA Excellence Awards - 2003

Mr. Daljit Singh son of Shri Harnam Singh, M/s Tej Group receiving ‘IFCOMA Excellence Award’ from Shri Mani Almal, President, IFCOMA.

IFCOMA Excellence Awards - 2001

Shri Jawahar Sircar, Secretary, Dept. of Commerce & Industry Govt. of West Bengal presenting the ‘IFCOMA Excellence award’ to Shri S. K. Bhadra, a pioneer in the Footwear Trade, for his contribution to the growth of the Footwear & Component industry in West Bengal.

IFCOMA Excellence Awards - 2000

Mr. Rajyavardhan, Chairman, FDDI, presenting the award to Mr. U. S. Paul, M/s Footform, Kolkata being the oldest Shoe Last manufacturer in India.

Honorable Shri Irshad Mirza, Vice Chairman, CLE, presenting ‘IFCOMA Excellence Award’ to Shri Jane Alam for his excellent contribution to the Footwear Industry.

IFCOMA Excellence Awards - 1999

Mr. Rohit Baluja Chairman N. Region CLE presenting the award to Sh. M. Rafique Ex-Chairman CLE.

Mr. Anil Swarup Dev. Com - SSI presenting the award to Sh. S.K. Gupta of M/s Tingle Manufacturing Company.